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Home » Cambodia: Weavers Project in Takeo

Cambodia: Weavers Project in Takeo

by Fair Fashionista - Sanne
Weavers, Cambodia
Weavers, Cambodia

Weavers Project was started by the social enterprise Sonas World with the purpose of creating sustainable economic growth in rural communities in Cambodia. Cambodia has a strong tradition of weaving, but it is a dying craft due to the competition from cheaper, factory-made fabric as well as the declining interest among the young generation of learning the skills of weaving.

Weavers Project is looking to change that, and through providing training in weaving, they do not only offer a source of income to people in the rural communities, but also a hope for a brighter future for the weavers and their families. The weavers are included in the entire process from the design of the items and dying of the yarn, to the final product, and this inclusion creates professional pride, empowerment and motivation. This shows in the beautiful patterns and color combinations that are truly unique for Weavers Project. They continuously work on developing new techniques and they have come up with their own take on Japanese saori weaving, or pull-thread, which it is also called.

The first of Sonas World and Weavers Project’s so-called fashion-abled villages is located in Prey Theat in the Takeo province, but in the future we will see many more fashion-abled villages throughout Cambodia. It is an amazing initiative that has the potential to become a real game-changer in fashion- and garment production and I am very happy to collaborate with Weavers Project.

One of the founders at Weavers Project, Linda Meas, also runs a guest house. A great opportunity to experience life in the countryside in Cambodia >>

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